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What is Find Count Now?

If your ever confused:

“How to turn my passion into passive income” then Find Count Now comes into the play it will turn Beginners into Professional Online Entrepreneurs.

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How Find Count Now Helps You to Turn Your Passion into Passive Income?

If you want to turn your passion into passive income.

I say that: “Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.

I have learned so many things from my failures. So, the Find Count Now comes into the play.

This blog helps you to get the Real and Legit ideas of passive income, business, saving tips, investment. No Fake or No Scam at all. Only the best ideas to grow your income easily.

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About Akmal Mohammed

akmal author

I’m a Financial Adviser and Digital Marketer and have experience of more than a year of.

In this blog, you will find real and legit ideas to make money online, passive income, business ideas, and saving tips. I am your “Personal Financial Adviser

I will solve your Financial problems that most people are facing!.

So, I started Find Count Now

that solves all your financial problems and it will help you to be financially FREE 

Qualifications and Education :

  • Studying in College
  • 1 year experience in
    • Financial Analyzer
    • Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)